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Close to Panjabi home cooked food taste!

Located Opposite Hotel Formule1 on the square, this place serves authentic Panjabi food.

A big hall with an attempt to create theme of a village home, touch to earthen brown color-wood-rope-bamboo around, very low illumination levels, decently spaced conventional table-chairs as well as ground seating, tables with small flower vase and a lamp enclosed in a stack of colorful bangles… overall… decent ambiance for laid back dining (no hurry).

a La Carte including Desi beverages, starters, vegies, breads (read lots of ParathaS), rice and desserts (as well as Combo meals).

Tried- Paratha from A La Carte, Rice combo and dessert!

Aalu Pudina Paratha: Served on brass “Thali”; Thick Paratha with spicy potato filling and mild taste to mint. Paratha was not greasy and done well. It was served along with in-house butter (fragrance of freshness) and thick creamy curd (not very sour). Great!

Rajma-Rice: Warm steamed rice and a bowl of Rajma served with onion-tomato slices, roasted Papad and butter milk. Rajma was little sour but I could not feel rough texture in gravy (which usually caused due to usage of ground dried pomegranate seeds… did not confirm with kitchen though). The butter milk was thick, sour and had masala with touch of black salt (bottom was full of it). Portion size was very good. Tasteful stuff!

Rabdi-Malai: Served in earthen look alike pot, garnished with chopped almonds. It was thick and would not have fallen form the pot if turned upside-down (little exaggeration). Little low on sweetness (to what I am habitual), tasteful and perfect showstopper!

Summary –
Ambiance: 4
Taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 4 (quick and courteous)
Value for money: 3.5
Overall: 4

Worth mentioning:
Choufula (dispenser for pickles and chutney) with authentic Pajjabi pickles and mint chutney (must try)… gels well with ParathaS!!!

(poor quality pictures of good food because I did not want to disturb others and wanted it to be candid)