Nice homemade kind of Parathas… consistency in taste and quality!

Have seen this place growing in past 15 plus years. Once upon a time; it used to be a small shop with a few tables plus wooden benches, kitchen under the staircase. It was the only refuge from Factory food in that area. Run by Tapas, Manas and Karun… all of them are DADAs for me. Every visit is usually a fun because it starts with comments from both sides on changed looks, condition, age, health etc and ends up with overeating!

Big hall with decent levels of illumination, tables and chairs. A “dining hall” or basic eatery kind of ambiance. Suitable for everyone including family.

Different types of Parathas served with Ghugni/Chole with potatoes, curd, chopped salad, mint chutney, butter slice and masala buttermilk.

Limited A La Carte veg and non veg stuff including eggs, chicken and mutton. Everything has somewhat Bangla home touch.

Nearly everything on the menu but will limit to Parathas in this review.

Thin, non-greasy, hot Parathas with apt filling. Served with Chole/Ghugni with potatoes (different than North Indian Chole), Mint-coriander chutney is little spicy/hot and awesome; salad is usually mixture of freshly chopped cabbage, onion, carrot, beetroot etc. Quality and taste of curd is good (not very sour). Butter slice is enough for two Parathas (for a conscious eater).

Overall nice experience!!!

Ambiance: 3 (no issues if you go for the purpose of eating)
Food taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 4
Value for money: 4
Overall: 4

Worth mentioning:
It has never burnt a hole in the pocket!