Touch of Rajasthan in commercial environment!

Many visits in the past; never bothered to write about it but thought this time I must.

Attempt to create village theme right from start with a Tilak (when you enter). Noticed the extension of the premises as well as facilities this time. Some highlights…“Kalbelia Ghoomar” exists as it was, so does the camel and horse for ride. Same palmists and fortune tellers, masseurs on Machans, Lac bangle maker… ready to make it on the spot based on your liking. Fire-breathers replaced by magicians, juggler added. Toy train, giant wheel, shooting, Columbus, famous Rajasthani puppets are still there but the Potter and the Wheel both appear vanished (or did I miss it!). Separate stage and gathering area for corporates to have party with loud music and cheeky dance numbers like “Baby doll” or similar (read… nuisance for normal unsuspecting customers wanting to enjoy peaceful evening with family).

Kind of Fixed… welcome drink with a few snacks and tea, Thali meal which used to be at a place with ground arrangement (still exists) but now one can have it at buffet as well. There is also an option available for Bajra Roti with Ghee-Gud or and with Garlic chutney.

Jal jeera which was refreshing (thankfully not sweet)!

Mangoda with yellow peas and chutney… Requested not to put sweet chutney. Served hot… Nice!

Kachori with Kadhi… Masala filled small Kachoris with Kadhi. Served hot… Decent!

Onion Bhajiya. Served hot… Great!

Tea… exhausted (thanks to corporate party) and needed to wait for really long for it.

To get above all from stalls was a real struggle due to stampede created by crowed (employees of a corporate having get together that evening). Though there was separate buffet arrangement for all above but there were no takers because the stuff was cold!!!

Moved on to separate area near Toy train where freshly made Bajra rotis over wood fired Chulha. There was lesser crowd and I could eat in peace while sitting on the ground near Chulha. The only thing I cherished. Excellent!

All the time loud music was in air from the corporate party (sad part)!

Though we would have loved to have meal in peace at the hall/s with ground seating arrangement but decided to “cut and run” by opting to eat at buffet… anticipating avalanche of corporate party crowd who were about to finish the program (dance numbers stopped by now and a lady was conducting felicitation).

Buffet had

Salad: Chopped cabbage, radish and cucumber… fresh!

Pickle and Red Chutney: First one was commercial but second one appeared in-house.

Choorma: Dry and decent!

Paneer Masala: Taste to curd could clearly be felt. Not very spicy. Tasted nice!

Potato Sabji: Thick yellow gravy. Spicy and hot. Nice!

Gatte ki Sabji: Soft Gattas in yellow thin gravy. OK!

Kadhi: White colored with lots of relevant Khada masala. Tasteful!

Dal: It was thinner than expected.

Bati: Rock solid and could have been used as a weapon!

Plain rice: long grain, good quality, loose. Fine!

Bajre ki Khichdi/a: It was nice preparation and had village touch and feel but lacked past experience with molten Ghee!

Roti: Half burnet half cooked (no exaggeration… see picture attached)

Jalebi: Best so far (Blame it on my sweet taste buds)

Papad: Roasted Bikaneri types (the taste of Khar or the salt added is the key identifier).

Just when we were about to finish party people started flocking in systematic beeline and all the food counters had similar situation like we experienced at snacks area earlier.

Overall: Could have been better for a common/normal customer like me; if there was separate arrangement for the party people. It was bad experience this time!

Ambiance: 2 (We don’t have loud “Baby Dolls” at the village!)
Food taste: 3.5
Food quality: 3.5
Service: 3 (very courteous but they also had pressure of the crowd)
Value for money: 3
Overall: 3


Calling and checking for corporate party to avoid that day will not help because you will be told no issues and will be asked to come as “walk in”. Check at the gate; if there is corporate party planned; don’t go that day come again another day. I repeat … don’t!!!

Discount is applicable for many corporates; check while billing in advance. You may get some.

Coupons given at the time of entry for ride and games etc will not suffice for kids (even if you sacrifice yours and others for kids). So if you want peace to prevail, buy extra coupons, if possible.

Newly added area has some attractions as well (this is after you cross the meal section). Lesser crowded. One may show division of work to the kids which is depicted by many small still tableaux.

Opt for eating at hall/s with ground seating arrangement. There you will get experience of great hospitality.