Good Maratha food!

It was a long pending visit which happened this Saturday late evening.

The place was packed and we were asked to take the only vacant table near entry… outside (they have 3 such tables). It was almost on the road side though, but by now, it was nearing 10 and there was very little traffic on the road hence could manage.
Normal eatery or restaurant kind of atmosphere. Usage of heavy gauge stainless steel utensils (clean and shining) is worth to mention.

A la carte and thali options in non-veg and veg with focus on Maharashtrian- Maratha cuisine.

Glancing through the menu; Thali appeared best option to maximize the exposure to preparations and ordered a mutton chop Thali and a Chicken Thali.
Requested to replace Khima with some other preparation and opted Bhuna chicken as per suggestion.
Requested not to prepare mutton chops wet; accepted the suggestion given to go for chop masala.
Adapting to my needs… I liked the most.
Sliced onions in curd arrived very quickly but it took really long for the food.

Mutton Thali:
Mutton ribs masala was a semi dry preparation in onion base brown gravy/masala. The texture was not very fine. Intermittent green hot chili pieces where delight. Goat mutton was separating from bone very easily…very soft and mellow. Did not stick between teeth… impressive and tasteful. Great portion size.
Bhuna chicken was also a delight. Could have called it chicken Bhurji/Khima. Small chunks in orange-brown spicy masala. The chicken was semi tender-chewy but tasteful.
Pandhra rassa was blend with touch of bay leaf and black peppers. It had thinner body than usual.
Tambda rassa was a surprise. It was again with thinner body. High on spices buy low on heat (red chilli). It was having dominance of different kind of garam masala and black peppers. “One of the owners” told about usage of Dave (Indore) garam masala; which is known for three to four types of garam masalas with different taste (my addition).
Solkadhi was fresh with sweetness of coconut milk. Not very Kokum sour. It did not tingle/bite the throat towards end of the sip.
Chapti was piping hot.
Papad… though it was good but it did not gell well with the food. It can be replaced by some similar cost maratha preparation to add value further.
Mutton Dum Biryani was Integration by parts. The rice was little dry and loose. Mutton pieces were tender. Masala appeared same which was present in Tambda rassa.

Chicken Thali:
The only difference from thali mentioned above was chicken in thin orange-brown little oily curry. The curry tasted very similar to what we get at one of the other places in Pune known for Maratha home cooked style food. The chicken was tender and the preparation was tasty.
Bhakhri was of Jowar. Warm and soft.
Biryani, plain rice to choose from.

Overall nice experience!!!

Ambiance: 3.5
Food taste: 4.5
Food quality: 4
Service: 4
Value for money: 3.5
Overall: 4

Worth mentioning:
Stray cat expecting a share in the food. Though scared away by staff many times but only to come back again. Unwanted!!!