Place with good ambiance serving decent global cuisine!


Writing down food trial experience (courtesy M/s New Yorkers). The place is geared up for Christmas and new-year eve!


Image of “New York skyline” on the wall as you look up… as well as picture of reflection of “Manhuttan skyline on glass exteriors of a high rise”; lining of bricks on the wall, iron staircase painted in back, popular numbers (no rap though)… the theme was good enough to remind exteriors of an old apartment building downtown Manhattan!

A hall plus half mezzanine having conventional and high rise seating arrangement (little cramped though).


Select preparations from global cuisines like Mexican, Italian, Oriental and Indian. Steak and Barbecue are worth mentioning. Mix platter concept gives you an option to get exposed to preparations of more than one cuisines in one go and the size in just enough for two people. They also serve Mocktails as well as beers and wines.



Enchiladas non veg: Loaded with lots of cheese sauce and cheese slices, very nicely plated preparation with filling of chicken, mildly spicy it was creamy and soft from inside. Decent but now outstanding though!


New Yorkers platter Non Veg:

Appearance of the plate was full of Grey, brown, yellow with contrast green and it looked tempting. The platter was huge in size and had many preparations. Some of the preparations were common with Mexican Non Veg. Platter included…
Burritos-They had typical filling, the sweetness of corn was well balanced by sourness in the filling. Freshness was the key. Nice in taste!

Casadia- Spicy preparation with tender chicken filling, bit softer from outside (in my view it could have been crispier) but OK in taste!

Salsa- It was little different than usual. Chopped Onions, Tomatoes, Capsicum, Zucchini were char grilled and nearly caramelized to make salsa. Bit thicker preparation with very nice smoky taste!

Pizza- Thick base (appeared commercial base), little undercooked, commercial sauce (appeared) and slightly different in taste. Not good enough!

Pasta: Penne served in a bowl with different style thick yellow sauce (appeared cheese based as well as integration by parts*) with semi crunchy finely chopped vegetables and garlic, little spicy. The pasta was little overdone for me and could have been harder. Nice taste though and nothing to complain about!

Burger- Patty meat texture felt like of meat from sausages. It was bit salted as well as sour. Though the bread was very good. Overall it was average burger and could have been better!


Sharabi chicken:

Rum marinated tender chicken pieces; little charred from outside with glaze, juicy, spicy; served with nice onion salad. Decent!


Grilled fillet steak:

Water Buffalo tenderloin sourced form Pimpri Market, grilled, “well done”, brown appearance and excellent glaze; nice spices (including peppercorns). Juices were oozing our as knife was slicing though the meat. It was not very tough. The preparation was served with boiled cauliflower, carrots and broccoli. Potato mash with flavors and taste of burnt garlic, cheese, cream. Excellent brown sauce made form reduced juices during grilling process with cinnamon and bay leaf flavors. It was a show stopper for me and I am sure must be popular with Expats!


Schezwan Rice: Light soy base preparation. Spicy and nice (just had two spoons for tasting purpose).


Brownie and ice cream:

Crumbling brownie with vanilla scoop topped up with chocolate sauce. Ice cream had undesirable sugar crystals. Average!



Little hard and denser than expected; though ok in taste but could have been better. Ok!


Mocktails: Some good Mocktails like Banana Bonkers, Virgin Mojito and Virgin Mary.


Chef Mangesh was kind enough to go bit deeper into preparation details. Nikhil was jolly, omnipresent and wonderful help.


Nice discussion on food with Dr Uday Potdar, Mishri Joshi, Tarun and Basant.


Overall good experience!!!



Ambiance: 4.0
Food taste: 3.5
Food quality: 4.0
Service: 4.0 (very courteous)
Value for money: I did not pay
Overall: 3.5 to 4.0


*Integration by parts- I mean to say that said stuff is common across many preparations from same kitchen