Excellent chicken preparations in Ahmedabad at very reasonable cost!

Located on Jawahar Lal Nehru Road at about a kilometer and half from Narrow Gauge Railway Crossing towards east; this place is hard to miss. If you are first timer and want to reach there without hassle; ask for Juhapura and not Sarkhej (Zomato address indicates Sarkhej which is partially correct but not absolutely).

They have two shops which are separated by a few others in between. Plastic tables and chairs; you sit next to service road and eat. No frills kind of place but suitable for families, signals and couples. Typical patrons (including me) appeared only interested in eating chicken and nothing else.

Menu: Menu has just 4 items. American Broasted, Shavai, Al-Faham and Shawarma.


It was chicken with bone, charred from outside, soft inside (not juicy though) served warm in a jiffy. Spicy and hot preparation! Heat and flavor of black pepper was magical. Served with so called Mayonnaise which was thinner than expected has touch of garlic.

The preparation also came along with a hot flat bread (Khuboos) which had a touch of milk and sugar sweetness and yeast resultant fragrance. Appeared as if they were prepared from semi fermented dough in a hurry wherein the dough was not allowed to rise properly. Moist; partially backed/done yet cooked just enough not to taste absolutely raw. Preparation and texture of “Khuboos” brought out “Kerala connection” of this please.

Picked carrot slices and hot green chilies were also served (complimentary). Carrot slices were deeply picked and were hitting back on my worn teeth. Chilies were little hot and sour.



Shreds of chicken cooked to perfection, mixed with salad and mild spices; rolled inside a flat bread on a layer of Mayonnaise. It tasted average and could have tasted better if would have been spicier. Decent!

American Broasted:

Chicken with skin; coated with mild spices; little brittle and with glaze from outside; juicy and tender from inside (as if fried inside a pressure cooker). The preparation was absolutely bland for my taste buds.

This one was also served with Mayonnaise, flat bread and pickled carrots-chilies. Decent!

Overall great taste at very economical rates (I am not sure how they manage). Stuffed too much because of taste!!!


Ambiance: 3 (no issues if you go for the purpose of eating chicken)
Food taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 4.5
Value for money: 4.5
Overall: 4

Worth mentioning…

They also serve cold drinks (half liter bottles).

Halal stuff served (it appears).

It will be a good idea to have Al-Faham after anything else to finish with spicier and better note.

Stray cat seeking a share in the meal by moving under the table and rubbing her body on the legs of a lady sitting next to me… scared… she immediately left the place with “table remains” in a “doggy bag”!

Unbeatable from cost plus taste…