Great Christmas dinner … at least one notch above from the rest.

Got a reminder call from Sneha Malhotra about Christmas dinner at Oakwood premier (#Oakwoodasia) and decided to go with family.

Kitchen including tandoor section with glass enclosure occupies majority of hall and rest of the place towards wall is used for seating. They also have open air testing with conventional wooden table and chairs. Live music -solo band. Ambiance of the “Senses” is decent.

Lavish buffet spared consisting salad bar, soups, mains, desserts inside L shaped hall. There was provision of a few more dedicated stalls outside dedicated to certain cuisines.

Salad Section:
Chicken roulade (two types)- cheese / olives rolled within processesed chicken. Nice!
Chicken salami (2 types)- one of them was spicy and tasted great.
Lettuce (Iceberg Romain LolloRaso Rocket) with 3 dressings- fresh and crunchy.
Grilled peppers-colorful and crunchy.
Asparagus tomato cheese- crunchy and with glaze.
Sun dried tomatoes-
Broccoli mushroom- Attractive dark green broccoli with mushroom pieces.
Cheese platter (about 8 types of cheese out of which some appeared in-house and some Dutch/French). Spicy cheese with red hot chilli coating was marvelous.
Soup sticks, breads.
Pickled green and black olives, onions, jalapenos, cucumbers.
Specific Stall Section:
Roasted turkey/lamb-  Turkey/Lamb had option like Backed/sauté potatoes and veggies including peppers, carrots, brussels sprouts, tomatoes. Two types of sauces. Two types of mashed potatoes.
Lamb was little tough but with very nice flavor and taste. Turkey with pink flesh, sweet, bit tougher, with clear sweetness of rosemary. The vegetables were soft mellow and not crunchy, potato mash was cheesy and creamy. The brown sauce had touch of sweetness and gelled well with everything else.

Chicken shawarma- gave a miss to shawarma but tried the chicken filling. It was tender and tasteful.

Malabar paratha- Multilayer maida paratha which was slow cooked over cast iron thick griddle till golden brown on request. Served with South Indian chicken / mutton curry recipes. Option of white/brown rice was also available. Excellent!

Seafood curries- king fish, prawns, squid, crabs to choose which can be prepare on the spot using Goan/Thai red/Thai green curries and condiments as per choice. Asked for crabs, squid, king fish in Thai red curry with chopped garlic, green chilies and dash of fresh lemon juice. It was ready in 5 minutes flat and tasted heavenly with brown rice.
Indian Buffet Section:
Minestrone soup- It was light, flavorful, thin, refreshing, the veggies retained their original taste.
Dahi vada- Absolutely soft and melt in the mouth vadas. Topped with mint chutney. Fresh curd and for a change it was not sweet.
Papad- Crisp under the lamp.
Achari paneer- It was average, paneer was fresh thouh.
Falafel- Absolutely crisp with nutty taste.
Chat- Potato base, Chatpata, tasted nice with mint chutney.
Pumpkin and pine nuts- Absolutely tender pumpkin cooked with pine nuts complimenting each other well… Orgasmic!
Bundi raita- gave a miss
Dal makhani- Average, I have had better elsewhere.
Dessert Section:
Strawberry panna cotta- Little fluidity I have had better predation at The Westin earlier.
Horse shoe cookies- Hard but brittle and sandy, with lots of sugar powder costing.
Cakes (at least 5 types)- with different texture, softness, condiments and taste. Liked them!
Brownies- Little sticky and tasteful.
Christmas chocolates (in house)- Little hard with some dark content, did not melt in the mouth immediately but tasted great.
Indian sweets (Kalakand and Gulabjamun)- gave them a miss.

Rahul was always around taking care and was great help.


Food taste- 4

Food quality- 4

Service- 4

Value for money- 4

Overall- 4

Worth mentioning:

There was a pasta bar as well; preparation on demand!