Average Indian Chinese at premium rates (though the portion sizes are big I must say)!

Located on Pashan-NDA road this place is this place is closer to Chandni Chowk.

Both Chinjabi and Masemari are under one roof.

One big hall, adjacent additional hall towards kitchen side. About 25 tables (Decently spaced towards side only). Mahogany brown and off white color theme. Lots of glass windows but covered with blinds. Music in the background which is not enough to mask inter-table conversations. Good cleanliness. Bright illumination. Good ambiance for dining.

1:30 pm arrival and the place was nearly empty.

Menu: A La Carte preparations Indian Chinese and Indian cuisines.

Tried: Focus on Chinese stuff…

Lemon coriander soup- Lots of finely chopped vegetables, clear taste and mount feel of coriander stem with touch of lemon, relatively thicker consistency but not too much of corn starch. Decent!

Hot and sour soup- Sourness was towards higher side, lots of shredded vegetables and bamboo shoots (nearly Julian) and medium consistency. Average!

Shanghai chicken: It was red chili base (color suspected) preparation. High on oil, Indian’ized, little tough chicken chunks, appeared fried then sauté. Average!

Steam Wonton: Stuffed with finely chopped veggies, steamed and them garnished with finely chopped spring onions and deep fried garlic dust. Little bland but tasteful. Nice preparation!

Buddha delight Hunan style gravy- Chinese cabbage, bamboo chute (little bitter in taste canned stuff), bell peppers, mushrooms, baby corn, carrots plus-plus in Hunan style nice gravy. Decent!

Singapore rice- Long grain, loose rice; with Pak Choi, bell peppers. Preparation having flavor and fragrances of star anise, little spicy (there was a bite on the throat towards finish). OK!

Veg haka noodles- decent haka noodle preparation with finely chopped capsicum, carrots and spring onions. Little high on oil content but manageable!

Cassata ice cream- It was commercial one and you can get is at supermarket under brand “Kavndar”. Not worth writing further!

Honey noodles and ice cream- Deep fried thin flat noodles, absolutely crispy, tossed with sugar syrup and honey, garnished with sesame seeds (lots of those). Nice! Could have been better with more honey content.

Fresh lime soda- Did not taste!

Overall average tasting Indian Chinese at relatively premium rates!


Ambiance: 3.5
Food taste: 3
Food quality: 4
Service: 4
Value for money: 3
Overall: 3.5

Worth mentioning…

Generous portion sizes.

About Rs 2500 for 3 adults and a kid (food left was packed and one more persons could have eaten easily).

More towards Indian Chinese.

Smell of fried fish from neighboring table (I personally did not like).