Good snacks (some of them are Delhi style). Good “CHENA” sweets!

Visited this establishment which is located beside Ranka Jewelers on Baner Road. Ample parking space. 5 tables with plastic chars inside and 3 stand and eat type high rise tables outside.


Did not bother to read the menu and reached snacks section; I could see Kachori (onion), Mirchi Vada, Chole Bhature, Matar Kulcha, Puri Bhaji, Pani Puri, Bhel, Dahi Vada, Pav Bhaji etc.

Could see Kulfi Faluda as well!

Sweet sections has conventional sweets as well as some novelties which were “Chena” preparations. Also some Hyderabadi sweets. Namkins as well.


Bhel- Little different than usually available in Pune. The differentiating factors was chutney. Taste of South and Turmeric was great.

Chole Bhature- The chole were delight, black in color and appeared Delhi masala preparation. Bhature were not very oily yet soft. Served in chili and arbi pickles and few slices of salad. Decent preparation and good taste!

Dahi Vada- It was towards sweeter side and not as per my liking but taste was not bad!

Kesar Sarberry- “Chena” balls soaked in sugar syrup with touch of saffron. Technically; not as dry as “Chena Murki”, not same as “Pantua”. Nice and different!

Strawberry Rasmalai- Usual rasmalai soaked in milky fluid with fusion of strawberry (appeared syrup). Nice!

Pastries- 2 types. Relatively dry and not worth it!

Overall; nice taste at decent rates!!!


Ambiance: 3.5 (it is a sweet shop)
Food taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: Self
Value for money: 3.5
Overall: 3.5

Worth mentioning…

There is Hyderabad connection.