Authentic South Indian fine dine places at Ahmedabad (beyond usual stuff)!

Located at hotel Fern which is near an over bride on SG highway; reaching this place is like solving a maze but let me tell you it is worth it.

High ceiling, decently spaced tables, nice background score… great ambiance to be called fit for fine dine.


It was Simply South Indian Food Festival Menu with select preparations from Mangalorean, Chettinad, Malabar, Andhra and Konganadu cuisines.


Seer puly munchi: Seer fish in Mangalorean Bunt style curry prepared using roasted red chili paste, tamarind, turmeric, coriander seeds; garnished with split green chili (hot). Excellent preparation and tasted authentic.

Kori gasi: Traditional Mangalorean preparation with lots of spices including bedgi chili (low heat more color), coriander seeds, coconut, garlic etc. The chicken chunks were tender and juicy. Tasteful!

Malabar mutton korma: Malabar preparation with cashew nut and coconut based little rough gravy having deep feel of coconut taste and fragrance. It felt as if the oil used was coconut as well. The boneless mutton chunks were bit tougher (what I was served and other guests with me were in disagreement on this point). Wonderful!

Virudhnagar paratha: Multilayered, flaky and appeared nearly deep fried. Gelled very well with mutton.

Appams: Porous and crispy yet soft central portion, served hot and gelled nicely with both chicken and fish.

Steam rice: Loose, soft and white. We asked for it to finish tasteful gravis which could not finish with breads.

Pickles: At least 10-12 types of pickles (including 2-3 non veg) were available and it was a jackpot for me. Tried at least 10 of them. Rare to get stuff under one roof. Exceptional!!!!

Kumbhakonam Degree Coffee: One sip was enough to confirm real coffee. Very few occasions when I have had a sip of coffee for taste sake!

Kalyanakesri: Rawa halwa with lots of dry fruits and touch of ghee. Yum!

Jackfruit Payasam: Vermicelli preparation with apt sweetness. Nice!

Chef Rajesh was there to help out almost all the time.

Overall; it was a pleasant surprise, great taste and experience which I will remember for long!!!


Ambiance: 4
Food taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 4 (excellent)
Value for money: 4
Overall: 4

Worth mentioning…

It is one of the authentic South Indian “fine dine” places at Ahmedabad.

I have very limited understanding of South Indian Cuisines but It will be a good idea to write a brief about some of the South Indian cuisines (as per my understanding and very limited knowledge). “Nasrani” term is usually used for preparations of cuisine from Syrian Christian influenced regions of Kerala whereas “Malabar/Malabari” term is used for preparations from coastal Kerala from specific community. “Konganadu” term used for preparations of cuisine from region which approximately covers area from Krishnagiri in north and Dindigul in south. “Chettinad” term is used for preparation of cuisine from the Chettiyar community from “Shivaganga”. “Mysuru” term is used for preparations of cuisine influenced by Mysore region. “Mangaluru” term is used for preparations of cuisine from South Karnataka having some influence from Udupi and Mangalorean Catholic cuisines. “Bunt” team us used for preparations of cuisine from Southern Mangalore belonging to specific community. “Udupi” term is used for preparations of cuisine from Udupi region of South Karnataka. “Nellore” term is used for preparations of cuisine from Southern Coastal Andhra. “Hyderabadi” term is used for preparation of cuisine influenced by Mughlai, Turkish and Arabic cuisines. All said cuisines use specific grains, vegetables, spices, cooking methods and time which leads to unique taste for each and every preparation which may or may not taste similar to preparations from rest of the cuisines.