Nice place with great food and decent ambiance for families and peace-loving couples!
“Cinnamon Spice” exists in Aundh area since long (from the time when there were not many restaurants in the area). Some years ago they have changed the theme of the place and now it is Bollywood inspired theme. In my view it has always been and still is a family oriented place catering to relatively upper class of the area (since at Season’s; they have other establishment as well which cater to the needs to other different clientele).
Open air (canopy removed) seating area with decently spaced tables, low ambient illumination level, candlelight on table, touch of Bollywood Eastman and Disco ear around, Hindi oldies as background score, friendly service… overall; nice ambiance for dining!

Menu: It was predefined by the management.

Veg Starters as platter-
“Dahi ke kebab” Fried patties which were tender, mellow, tasteful!
“Tandoori kumbh” was tender mushroom preparation with flavorful stuffing which was very good!
“Malai paneer” was bland preparation yet soft and mellow!
“Paneer aur papad ke tikke” were again something uncommon preparation, soft and tender cottage cheese with coating of Papad crumb. Tasteful and different!

Non Veg Starters as platter-
“Mutton Boti kebab” were tender and juicy!
“Mahi Ajwaine tikka” was little dry and brittle preparation. Little sour and very different in taste!
“Murgh reshmi seekh” was not that tender but not chewy, bit dry yet tasteful!
“Murgh Pahadi tikka” was dry and taste less!

Non Veg Soup-
“Murgh badami shorba” was thin milky preparation with floating melted fat over the surface. It had nice aroma and taste of almonds plus mild spices. It clearly brought out the difference between Soup and Shorba!

Veg Soup-
“Tomato Dhaniya shorba” I did not try.

Indian Breads-
Kulcha, Nan, Lachcha Paratha, Roti etc
Kucha was great and one of the best I have had in Pune. Lachcha Paratha was also tender and with easily separable layers.

“Dal frontier” was yellow lentil preparation and close to dal tadka with little twist.

Non Veg Mains-
“Murgh patiyala kadhai se” was mildly spicy preparation in slimy and little sticky thick gravy. Nice!
“Rarah gosht” was mutton preparation in thick gravy with traces of mince in it. Decent!

Veg Mains-
“Paneer Jehangiri” I did not try.
“Subz bagicha handi” had assorted vegetables in mildly spicy brown gravy. OK!

Non Veg Rice preparation-
“Chicken Dum biryani” was biryani cooked and then layered type preparation (which I call Integration by Parts). It was not one of the beasts but not bad though.

Veg Rice preparation-
“Subz biryani” I did not try.

“Rasmalai” tender preparation which was great!
“Gajar ka halwa” was preparation made form carrots and cooked to perfection. It was high on taste but low no sugar.
“Doodhi Halwa” was prepared using bottle gourd. Low on fat and sugar; high on taste. Nice!

Overall…the taste of food was great and deserves a try.

Ambiance: 4
Food taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 4
Value for money: NA
Overall: 4

Worth mentioning…
This review is based on invitation from Mr Ugrasen Singh of Sinnamon and Spice. I did not pay for the food. Nice interaction and discussion about preparation with Chef Veer (Indian cuisine curry specialist) as well as Chef Sachin Dharekar (Indian cuisine specialist).

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