Decent Authentic Bangla food option!

Walked in at about 10:30 PM and the place had half occupancy. About 15 closely spaced tables in a hall, bluish illumination, dull environment, and sluggish staff.

North Indian, Indian Chinese and Bangla preparations on menu. Since it was called Royal Bengal; I preferred to stick with only Bangla preparations. Decent portion sizes.

Posto Bora- Finely grinned Posto (khas khas) mixed with ginger-garlic paste and binding agent; coated with a layer of Posto; deep fried till crisp and golden-brown; served with thin sliced onion rings having mustered sauce dressing. Crisp outside soft inside, very fragile. Tasteful!

Sona Mug Dal- Yellow lentils with green pees fried using green chillies. Too much oil floating on top of the pot. Not up to the mark!

Mochar Ghanto- Semi dry Bangla delicacy made from shredded banana flower, diced potato and grated coconut. Decently spiced and high on oil. Nice!

Rice- Plain rice which was dry, absolutely white and loose. Not in line with authentic Bangla rise (Though I cross checked before ordering and was told it is par boiled).

Date-Palm Jaggery Sondesh- Little hard and sweet with unmistakable taste of khajoor gur. Good!

Overall, decent Bangla food!


Ambiance: 3
Food taste: 3.5
Food quality: 3.5
Service: 3
Value for money: 3.5

Overall: 3.5

Worth mentioning:

I could see some familiar and rare Bangla non veg preparations on menu. Did not try due to time constraint.

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