Surprisingly good salad combos!!! (Not for conventional Indian food lovers)

From outside; this establishment does not look attractive or great. Being operated from a shop; where majority carpet area is covered by the counter, salad bar and storage area for cartons etc… There is hardly any space left for seating. One can just stand opposite to counter and order. Ambiance appears intended to promote take-away or delivery!

Salad Combos. Not everything mentioned on the menu is available daily. Available preparations will be shown to you on desktop or MacBook with description and pic… to order. Menu in form of flyer is also available.

I would recommend take-away else you can stand outside and eat (if you can manage).
Stuff is prepared in front of you, packed in plastic containers, boxed inside an attractive good quality cardboard box and handed over to you in a jiffy.

There were 4 preparations available on Thursday and I opted for two of those!

Olive pasta salad combo- It had 3 cold portions. A pasta bowl, a sandwich and a lemonade cup.

Pasta bowl… Fusilli with chopped tomatoes, red onion, spring onion, capsicum, bell pepper, olive; cold tossed in dressing with touch of sweetness along with herbs like parsley/ coriander, basil and black pepper. Crunch of veggies was good. Bursting flavors of olive, bell peppers, basil with background sweetness was heavenly!

Sandwiches… Shredded cabbage and carrots mixed with little sweet dressing/ mayonnaise and sandwiched between soft brow breads. Moist and mellow. (Kept ready to be given wrapped in FreshWrap)

Lemonade… Low on sweetness as well as tang it was average!

7 layer salad combo- It had 3 cold portions. A salad bowl, a sandwich and a lemonade cup. Sandwich and lemonade were same as above.

Salad bowl… had lots of kidney beans which were little harder than expected. There were some lettuce leaves, tomatoes, sliced olives etc as well. Laced with broken tortilla chips, tangy salsa, little spicy. . . pungent stuff. I was worried about some issues related to digestive system later due to those hard kidney bean but nothing happed!

Food definitely packed a good punch from quality, quantity, taste and freshness perspective.

Hygiene level of visible area were good (highly solicited for cold food items like salads etc).

Ambiance: 0
Food quality: 4
Food taste: 4
Value for money: 4
Service: 0
Overall: 3.5 (considering focus non take-away or delivery)

Worth mentioning:
Olive past Salad combo one must try (it is really good)!

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