Rustic ambiance but I beg to differ for the food served (we may agree or agree to disagree)!

Visited recently during late evening last week. The “Chowk” near this place is located is called “Vishal Chowk”. The place is famous and recommended by many. Though there is a security guard to assist you; but be careful while making the right turn from the cut on the road divider (if you are reaching to the place from other side of the city). It is little bit blind turn and there are rushing vehicles from other side.

As you enter; there are arrays of kerosene lanterns on both sides of narrow pathway which is bit serpentine in nature and leads you to the entry and there is cash counter on right. While walking on the pathway you will definitely remember the familiar nostalgic smell of burning kerosene. On the left you will find photographs of “Who is who” of Indian including politicians, cricket players as well as artist from Bollywood.

Pay at the counter and you are done. You will be made aware about in-house “utensil museum” and one can opt for the tour at nominal price… Utensils of gone ear (it may be a good exposure for those who are still a kid or were not born and brought-up somewhere within “the Cow-Belt of India” or “Foreign Nationals” in other words… not used or seen them earlier).

Take a right and “OK Check” by security about payment and you are all sent to start the food frenzy.

The turn leads you to small open area which is surrounded by “Char-Paais” as well as wooden benches. Live “Bhavai!!!” troop performance. In between you will be greeted by extremely polite staff as well as offered with a glass of lemonade.

Once you are ready for food; you will be escorted towards the dining area. Majority Ground Seating arrangement I could see with wooden plank as table and soft foam tapestry to sit (caution shoes need to removed; tight or low rise jeans/short skirts beware).

Quick hand wash with warm water kept in earthen pot (partially buried in ground) and you are ready to eat.

Absolutely low illumination levels. Calm and quiet environment and one can hear call of heron and egret in between from trees surrounding the property. Desert coolers provided to beat the heat!

Overall; village theme with touch of earth.

Fixed… Thali. With approximately 30 plus line items. There are some extra items are also available.

Food is served on Pattal-Dona (plate and bowls made from leafs).

Liquid items served in Kullhad (earthen/clay glassware). Mixing of abraded loose surface clay in fluids as well as deposition of same on lips was happening while sipping. This typically happens when Kullhads are not soaked in water properly before serving (suggestion for management).

Tried- Everything served to me.

Garlic chutney- Dry paste, was pungent and spicy tasted excellent with Bhakri.

Jaggery- Little went, appeared fresh and was great.

Peanut Grams masala- Roasted peanuts and big grams were mixed with salted, spicy masala with some touch of sweetness. Tried asking one of the senior person about composition of masala but he was not aware. I think the base of masala was ground grams!

Pickle Mix veg- Sour, spicy; vegies were crunchy; tasteful!

Shredded raw papaya with seasoning- Nice flavor, bit dry but good!

Fried chilies (with stuffing)- Not very hot and gelled well with Rotla!

Beetroot-Tomato-Cucumber were dry and appeared kept chopped since long.

Sprouts lentils- Dry and appeared kept in open storage since long. Some seeds were very hard and lost moisture.

Soybean boiled- Nice and tasteful!

Papad- They had touch of “base” (you can only understand this if you are aware how they are made as well as how the taste changes across India with minor/major variation in ingredients)!

Rotla- Served warm. Very good!

Bhakhri- Served warm. Very good!

Paratha- Nice, warm and little high on fat. Excellent!

Okra veggie- Dry preparation, little oily and masaledar!

Potato veggie. Wet preparation, not freely flowing gravy. Touch of sweetness!

Corn Capsicum veggie- Dry preparation with touch of sweetness!

White butter- Appeared made in-house and fresh. Absolutely white and flavorful!

Dhokla- Bit try but tasteful!

Jalebi- Crisp, thin, well done, nice!

Coconut halwa- Preparation of rawa/suji with addition of grated coconut. Decently sweet and fatty!

Kadhi- Thicker and sweet!

Buttermilk- Little thicker, fresh and tasteful.

Green chutney- Little spicy and decent.

Vada- Mixed lentil batter, deep fried. Soft and nice!

Khichdi with dash of “Ghee”- Mushy!

Roasted cumin power, black pepper, table salt and chopped lemon to tweak the food stuff the way you want to.

Staff frequency visits your place and politely requests to serve, top up.
Once you are done; you will be offered ice-cream (prepared conventional Indian way).

Two flavors to choose from… Pista and Rose (was told). Granular, not hard, apt sweetness and fat; Nice!

Last but not the least… Masala Kharakh (soaked and spiced dry date). Said to be good digestive but will spoil the taste of ice-cream.

Mukh-Waas to finish.

Overall: Good ambiance and service but found food average.

Ambiance: 4
Food taste: 3.5
Food quality: 3.5
Service: 4
Value for money: 3.5
Overall: 3.5


What I felt that food served here does not contain onion/garlic/ginger and I could taste the actual veggies I was eating (confirm please).
I would recommend visit in daylight for better feel.
Some good in-house pickles on sale (if you can’t make it at home).
My focus was on food only; use your judgement about overall package of the offer!

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