“Nice and Spicy Asian food!”

What Alkesh Barua and Meenaxi Sharma have in common!!! Well… they have a “flying duck” which does not fly but serves oriental, Asian and far-east preparations including Duck and yes Pork as well.

Located on Baner Pashan Link road this place has come up in recent past along with others in a new commercial complex.

Operated from a shop at the commercial complex; half floor space converted in to kitchen and rest as seating and cash counter. There are 5 tables outside restaurant under a canopy and 2 inside establishment.

Oriental, far-east, Asian preparations… not very commonly seen items of menu… pork preparations. Pork meat sourced locally from one of the top 2 vendors of repute in Pune.
Non veg oriented menu and veggie lovers will find limited choice.

Soups, starters, mains and signature preparations. One common thread… spices and chilli in almost all preparations… barring a few.

Yes; desserts as well.

Tried it a few times in last month/s during late evening time.

First time; as I walked in; there was a table vacant and clean up was pending. I was told to take same post clean up but to my surprise 2 people who were discussing something at cash counter took the same.  I was promised another one in 5 minutes and got it.
Second time; the place was full and a few in waiting (…go prepared).

The person who takes the order is the owner. Sophisticated, soft spoken and eager to suggest and help you choosing preparations from menu.

It was Whitney Huston in the background with “I wanna run to you”. I found this place different (can’t explain) and with good vibes. Nearly no service staff; and Alkesh does all running around; except picking up the dishes.


Chicken Bhoot Jhalokiya (Ghosht chilli chicken)-
Chicken chunks stir fried in red sauce with ginger, garlic, herbs and chillies. I could notice at least 4 types of chilli/peppers including “the mother of all”.
I would recommend that 2 people should share it because it is bit spicy stuff (contains generous amount of dried ghost chilli). It was tastefully hot and though I am bit tolerant (read highly) to chilli heat; it was a tough and close call for me (Shendi La Gham Aala).

Rice with steamed veggies and stock-
Boiled white rice topped up with stock as well as with lots of veggies including broccoli, squash, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, pacchoi, beans, mushrooms, chinese cabbage and last but not the least … freshly chopped red chillies. Garnished with a lemon slice on top and array of tomato slices on side; it was tasteful and filling. Quality of cauliflower was poor and black spots can be seen in image.

Veg haka noodles-
Wok tossed noodles with chopped onions, shallots, peppers etc. Little oily but nice and tasteful preparation!

Chicken with spicy sauce-
Absolutely tender boneless chicken chunks in absolutely red coarse oily gravy. Though it looks hot; it tastes not that spicy. Chopped veggies include ginger, garlic, onion, peppers etc. The effect of parsley was magical. Good preparation!

Overall good place to eat Oriental and Asian food with touch of north-east.


Ambiance: 3.5 to 4
Food taste: 4
Food quality: 3.5 to 4
Service: 3.5
Value for money: 4
X factor: 4.5

Free of cost advice if you are interested…

Come with cash; cards not honoured.
Place is small; go early or wait till you get table.
Relax after taking seat because it takes time to prepare food here. Some preparations may take 20 to 30 minutes as well (preparations which are unique and popular at this place).
Try pork; source is trusted and good quality.
Quail (Bater in Hindi) sourced from Venky’s also served here. Yum-Yum!!!

Last visit 21 Aug 16… ghost chili chicken is now prepared using paste which make it more potent and hot!!!!

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