“Mexican fine dine during Mexican Food Fiesta at Melange!!!”

Seasons Apartment Hotel has about 5 restaurants and some of them regularly host Food Festivals dedicated to a Cuisine or a Theme. Right now; Mexican Food Festival has just begun at the roof top restaurant; “Melange”.

“Melange” usually has open roof but due to extended spells of rains; it is still under a temporary canopy which restricts the movement of wind flowing at relatively at higher velocities during night time… resulting in increase in the local ambient; thought higher yet cozy and comfortable.

Different seating arrangement at different sections of sprawling roof top; couple and group tables lighten from underneath as well as lighten from top with a candlelight; swing/s and couches around small pool… perfect set-up for couples seeking some romantic time together, families also a group of tekies wanting some chat over gulps of beer.

Little louder music but good enough to mask inter table conversations yet allowing intra table talk (not whispers though); providing privacy. Friday nights are dedicated for Video Mixing (VJ) of English numbers, other days it is either live music or a DJ.

Upwardly mobile and sophisticated crowed… what one can expect and see at this place.

Team of Chefs with Executive Chef Sachin Patil; plating mouth-watering and taste-bud-tickling preparations from global cuisines… including Mexican.

There is a separate section in the menu for Mexican Food Fiesta including Soup, Salad, Mains and Desserts.

Presence of some Mexican theme in the environment (say staff with Mexican hat or poncho also colours in the background or props would have added “another feather in the cap”… anyways!!!

I tried:


Sopa De Lima: In nutshell; it was Lemon & Tortilla Soup but with lots of crunchy and finely chopped veggies including squash, tomatoes etc. Conventionally a chicken soup but food fest has its veg version. Low on salt broth was very tangy / sour and the effect of “lemon in hot water” was felt on the tongue even after a few sips of water and cocktail. It was decent preparation and a soup which tasted very different than normal.

Caldillo De Marisco: It is conventionally a fish soup but at times chopped sea food is also used (reminded me what I had at a Mexican food stall about a decade ago during summers somewhere Europe wherein squids were used). Preparation had chopped pieces of shrimps in tomato based thin broth with herbs. Wonderful taste! I would recommend.


Salsa Kruda- Preparation was closer to a salad. Low on salt, red’ish looking, salsa was prepared using finely chopped Ripe Tomatoes, onions, herbs. It has typical onion bitterness which lasted long on tongue.

Salsa Verde- Preparation was again closer to a salad. Grated cheese bowl was an addition. Low on salt, red’ish looking, salsa was prepared using finely chopped Raw Tomatoes, onions, herbs, spices. It has salty, little spicy, with touch of tang and tasteful.


Frijole Refritos: No; not common “Rajma” but canned Mexican beans (read Pinto beans… which are relatively smaller in size and little higher on fibre content); fried and served with tortilla chips. Mushy, creamy, tasteful preparation of beans! Loved it.

Veg Tacos: Tacos with little coarse, grainy, cheese, gooey filling. Tasteful!

Chile Rellenos: Deep fried batter coated, cheese stuffed, fresh green peppers (which were low on heat); Garnished with tangy salsa and plated with partly backed tomatoes, nacho chips. Nice!

Main Course:

Mole Poblano De Pollo: Partially grilled chicken which was cooked further in Mole sauce; plated with stuffed-deep fried chilli, backed tomatoes and garnished with cilantro leaf. “Legendry” Mole sauce has typical ingredients like fruit, nut and chili pepper. This one had almonds, pepper, cocoa and cinnamon as main ingredients. Chicken was though tender but less juicy (probably it spent little higher time in secondary cooking heat). Little sweeter…probably due to usage of commercial chocolate bar …could have been low on sweetness. Tasteful preparation and filling as well!


Churros: People with sweet tooth will surely love it. Deep fried choux pastry tossed in cinnamon sugar with caramel sauce & dark chocolate sauce. Perfect show stopper!!!

Stuff used for preparation was authentic. Heat from chilies is one of the important parts of Mexican food but it was towards low side on majority of the preparations.

Alcoholic beverages in the fest…

Beer based cocktail: It was served in “salt rimmed” glass… mild, tasted little bitter with fragrance and taste of lime rind.

Tequila based cocktail: Served in “salt rimmed” glass… concoction of Triple sec, apple juice and chunks, tequila. Refreshing bitter-sweet cocktail!

Overall… Tasteful Mexican food for a change!

Ambiance: 4
Food taste: 3.5
Food quality: 4
Service: 4
Value for money: I did not pay
Overall: 3.5 to 4.0

Advice for free:
Full moon nights have candlelight dinners for couples. Nice romantic place.
Offers for couples as well as for groups (you can check).
Weekday BOGO or similar on Alcohol.
Crowded during weekends try to go early if not booked.

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