“Hidden jewel serving tasteful Mediterranean cuisine”

It was a visit on invitation to Ambrosia after really long time and found that it has changed a lot. The drive though from main entry to the restaurant follows winding road lit using dim lamps on roadside through sprawling property gave a feel as if you are been lead towards a big mansion or a palace. Good use of illumination inside and outside building. Very decent vibes indeed.

A few restaurants located close to each other on same property and way through open courtyard paved with stones leads to “Amalfi” (going by name; it is a small town belonging to coastal Campania) and the restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine which broadly includes Maghrebi, Levantin, Ottoman, Greek, Italian, French and Spanish preparations (my views can be contested!).

Greek’ish theme interiors visible on furniture, artifacts and colors. Relatively lower illumination levels. Decently spaced furniture with multilevel and multiple seating options at different part of the restaurant focusing the need of couples, families and groups. Open air option is also available in winters at courtyard which also has fabricated fireplace with burning charcoal. Entire restaurant can accommodate about 200 people. A thing that caught my eye at see through kitchen was Wood Fired Oven which is a rare to find in usual places. Polite and trained staff to make you comfortable. Overall decent experience to start dinner.

Menu had standard sections like Soup, Salad and Appetizers; also sections line brochette, Entrees, Pasta, Risotto and Paella, Pizzas and Desserts. Decent span of alcoholic beverages including hard, beers and wines (majority belonging to Fratelli brand). Nice span of Mocktails as well.

I tried

Sliced Orange & Ricotta Salad:
Absolutely fresh and crunchy rocket leaves, cured olive slices, fresh and soft Ricotta cheese, sweet oranges, some mint leaves tossed with little orange juice and olive oil. Sweet-sour-little bitterness-salty balance. Flavours were bursting in mouth. What a way to start the supper!

Carrots and Chilly Butter Soup:
Creamy soup which has body of cooked blended carrots; garnished with molten & mildly hot chilly butter and roasted and chopped pine nuts. Marvelous!

La-Deu Home Style Patatas:
Mildly spicy chicken mince stuffed between somewhat crisp potato slices served with spicy brown middle eastern sauce. Decent!

Vegetarian Mezze Platter:
3 breads and fried goodies having stuffing of mushrooms, sour cream and cheese; also falafel were served with Mutabbal/Babaghanoush, Tzatziki and tahini. Exceptional tasteful Babaghanoush had after a while.

Char Grilled Lamb Chops with Pesto:
Lamb chops which were not exactly charred but little over welldone prepared with sauce close to barbecue sauce. Topped up with tasteful juice remaining in pan post cooking and served along with Pesto. Mildly spicy preparation which lacked taste of charring; later Chef Sunil clarified that the preparation was tweaked based on demand of some patrons. Nice!

Spaghetti & Meatballs:
This one was little tangy-spicy and prepared in classic (read popular way). Filling!

Pizza Ortolana (with teak requested):
Thin crust wood fired pizza with Mushrooms, Peppers, Onions, Olive, Cherry tomatoes and lots of cheese. Fragrance of wood smoke and its effect on taste was great. Worth a try!

Classic Spanish preparation of vanilla egg clustered. Caramel sauce was OK for me but I felt it was little bitter for normal Indian taste buds. Great!

Saffron and Vanilla Panacotta:
Classic Italian preparation made by using sweet thick cream (gelatin effect) and served with pomegranate seeds and saffron sauce.

Cheese Cake:
Backed preparation made up of Philadelphia cheese and layered on crackers which were close to biscuits. OK!

What to expect:
Tasteful, flavorful, close to authentic preparations made using good quality produce.
Family friendly place and environment and the patrons were very decent.
Expenses in mid-range (slightly towards premium).
Really cold place during winters (I loved the courtyard open air tables with a few common fireplaces).

Only con I noticed was little louder music from other restaurant hall in the vicinity.

Summary (out of 5)…
Food taste: 4
Food Quality: 4
Value for money: I did not pay but estimating 4
Beverage Span: 3
X-factor: 3.5
Overall: 3.5 to 4.0

Advice for free:
Good place for couples for dinner (somewhat romantic with candlelight)
Excellent place for families with good environment
Corporate group booking… talk to Chirag

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