“Great place for great times!!!”

How far would you go chasing your dreams and following your passion? I think… automotive glass manufacturer industrialist turned Microbrewery owner and a brewer him self… Manu Gulati is an example. Very interesting to learn about his experience regarding brewing & tasting at UK based institute; also selecting & installing cutting edge brewery equipments here at Effingut, Pune; start brewing and selling the stuff when there was not much demand of craft beer.

Effingt has recently come up with an outlet at Baner serving same craft beer as well as food where I was invited along with other blogger friends for tasting event.

Open air seating is available with wooden furniture layout on left side of restaurant (for smoker community). Air-conditioned hall with multilevel seating to suit different needs of the patrons. Conventional seating arrangement at mezzanine level. Low illumination levels with low hanging lamps; decent usage of highlighters for the stuff on the wall covering various themes related to “signs of the times”, beer, Bollywood, Hollywood and beyond (some of it is very creative indeed). Loud scores in the background. Good, friendly and trained staff (many of them were familiar faces from restaurants nearby).
A table hanging from the wall to “make you feel in air” on special occasions… No; you can’t sit there right now because lack of safety equipments (read seat harness etc). Amazing to see how bold and far an architect / interior designer can go and restaurateur agrees to put it (this can only be possible when both of them are high!!!).
Overall; very nice ambiance to start with!

One of the lengthiest menus I have ever seen this part of town. God knows how they manage it given the size of kitchens they have! It covers select popular preparations from cuisines around the world. They also have some signature preparations which you may not get anywhere else.
Good bandwidth of liquors, cocktails and beers. Some interesting mocktails as well and about 6 to 8 in-house brews.
Little premium rates though.


Craft Beers

Marzen Lager: European amber; Oktoberfest beer with German malt aroma, gold appearance, complex flavors, medium body, smooth. Nice!

Peach Ginger Melomel: Mead is an ancient drink from Europe, Africa and Asia which has honey base. When beer has honey and fruit is added to it… you get Melomel. It was smooth with little sweetness (not that sweet though). Decent!

Strawberry Cider: Sweet with strawberry aroma, flavor and touch in the color. Low on alcohol and fit for ladies and newbie craft brew lovers.

Apple Cider: Sweet with Apple aroma and flavor Low on alcohol and fit for ladies and newbie craft brew lovers.

Tamarind Blanche: It means “white” or shall I say “near blonde”! White ale with weak body and some sourness! Somewhat citrus aroma and flavor… for people with little different taste buds.

Berliner Weisse: Sour ale type. Acidic I felt, sharp sourness, pale, low bitterness, light body. Good!

Hefeweizen: Little fruity, little spicy, straw looks, but not that much suspended yeast, light body, refreshing! Sweet with strawberry aroma, flavor and touch in the color. Low on alcohol and fit for ladies and newbie craft brew lovers.

Citrus Burst IPA: Golden amber, dry hopped but no haze, good hop character with assertive bitterness, dry finish. Though lost the burst a bit but still in good shape. Good!

Extra Special Bitter: Nearly gold to copper appearance, medium bitterness, medium body, malty, somewhat fruity. Decent!


Gun powder onion rings: Batter fried onion rings laced with spicy and hot gunpowder. Crisp and tasteful!

Pulled-chicken tacos: Delicate, little sweet-sour. Nice!

Cottage cheese kebabs: Green marinade based, little spicy, tender cottage cheese. Yum!

Thai grilled fish: Basa fish fillet pieces, traditional thai recipe. Decent!

Murg thecha kebab: Chicken chunks with generous coating of Thecha (rough mixture of hot green chillies, raw garlic). Very hot but tasteful! Must try.

Steak style effzza: Effzza stands for Effingut Fucking Good Pizza. Two versions… chicken and paneer. Tasteful preparation and must try.

Chilli Paneer: Traditional chilli chicken preparation but paneer replacing chicken. High on heat with late bite of chilli (towards end). Good!

Murg Dhaniya (Served with Indian bread): Green base, tender chicken chunks. Tasteful!

Cheese Makhani (Served with Indian bread): Succulent preparation. Decent taste!

Beeramesu: Nice texture and taste.

Sizzling brownie with ice cream: Alcohol flambé. Brownie which was little brittle. Decent preparation!

Overall… Nice place for fluid lovers who also want to enjoy food!

Ambiance: 4
Food taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 4
Value for money: I did not pay (should be 3 plus depending on what your priority is)
Overall: 4

What to expect… decent crowed including loners (read true beer lovers), DINKs, Techies in groups (some of them can be noisy); couples, family environment at some corners with dancing grannies as well. Good beer and good food at little premium rates.

Worth mentioning:

40% off Mon-Fri 1230 to 19:30 (max value for money)
Free wi-fi all day long
Board games available
Kids allowed
Creative “signs of the times” and boards at relevant places (check them out)

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