Street Delights – not only East Indian Preparations!

Started about a year ago with focus on West Indian (Bangla) cuisine; now spreading the menu span to cater other taste buds as well.
“Street Delight” is the new theme with new menu having sections like wraps and rolls, Kolkata bites, kebabs, mini meal, chat, meal portions and beverages.

Small outlet near Kedari Fueling Station, Wanowrie.
A few tables outside and a few at mezzanine level (equipped with partiality effective air-conditioning).
It is no frills type place with focus on food taste and quality. I will not be exaggerating if I say “cut and run” type!


Veg Cutlet
Crisp brown outer shell with tender spicy core which was beetroot based. The core was also filled with some peanut surprises! Served with fresh crisp salad and mustard sauce. Tasted good!
(Bangla way)

Chicken Chop
Deep fried. Mince of chicken with spices, bonded within crisp brown shell. Served with fresh crisp salad and mustard sauce. Tasted nice!

Soya Kebabs
Basically tikkas made from processed soya milk converted in to flashy stuff similar to tofu. Nicely marinated in orange red marinade and done well. Tender succulent tasteful!

Mutton Roll
Tawa mutton chunks rolled in a semi thick bread along with mayo, Kashundi (Bangla mustard sauce) and veggies. Juicy, tender and tasteful. The size was good enough to fulfil appetite of a normal person.

Very few places that serve authentic Beguni and this is one of them. Huge slice of sweet tasting black eggplant coated with gram flour and deep fried. Tasted wonderful with a dash of chat masala.

Piping hot when served. Thin soft two layered wheat bread cooked on tava.

Chickpeas in brown gravy with mild spices. It went well with fulka.

Zafran Pulao
Long grain rise with mild whole spices. Relatively dryer preparation. Good!

Mutton Kosha
Decent size mutton pieces in onion, Tomato and spices based thick’ish brown gravy tasted nice with Fulka as well as pulao.

Chicken Biryani
Layered preparation of long grain aromatic rice with whole spices, juicy -tender chicken and boiled egg. Served with Raita. Very nice taste and overall package as meal.
Ice Tea
Commercial version but decent taste!

Majority of veg preparations can be ordered as Jain style.

Overall; the portion sizes were big and it is clearly a value for money place. Food taste was decent and the quality as well. Accepting home delivery via majority popular web-sites and Apps. What more can be asked!

Summary (out of 5)

Ambiance : 3
Food taste : 4
Food quality : 4
Service : 4
Value for money : 4

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