#FireflyFestival … Rustic village experience and Natures Magic … “The Fireflies”

#Fireflies also known as #glowworms are winged beetles; typically hyperactive during end of summers till part of monsoons in #Maharashtra emitting cold light during twilight to attract mates. You must have seen them here and there at times in some numbers but consider if you are surrounded by millions of fireflies all around; where ever you see till the line of sight … Nature’s Magic! It happens at #Purushwadi village located about 160 km from #Pune in #Akole Taluka #Ahmednagar district.

#grassrouts #Mumbai ( https://www.facebook.com/grassroutes.journeys ) organizes all-inclusive visit specifically for nature lovers who want to witness the magic of #fireflies along with pure village experience from 3rd June to 2nd July. It is one night stay inclusive of camping / home stay, 2 lunches, 1 dinner breakfast, local snacks-tea and free flowing supplies of local mangoes and Jamuns. One villager per group is always there to help you out with practical details and guidance.

Surrounded by bushes and small fields; the campsite is located on a flat land overlooking the valley and the river. Some new some old tents. Clean bed linen.

Tasteful food is prepared in rustic way on wood fire (in fact; you are guest of pre-identified local village family) and eat while you sit on the kitchen floor at home.

The day time is sunny/hot/humid but as the sun sets the surroundings start glowing during twilight.

Away from hustle bustle, totally laid back experience; no electricity, no mobile network and lots of walking around.

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Overall; wonderful experience beyond words… can only be experienced!!!

Tactical to Practical

I want to drive but which vehicle! Any vehicle will go till camp site.

How to reach! Take Pune-Sangamner-Akole-Rajur-Purushwadi rout. Other routes are also there but they are rough and hilly (motion sickness people beware). Google Map goes for a toss at many a locations on hills due to network issue. The camp site is near to village school.

Who can go! Anyone … We travelled with family including a toddler on a stroller.

What to take along! 2 3 pairs of full cloths (if you can manage flies/insects etc shorts and Tees are also fine), tracking shoes, windcheater, umbrella/rain gear, insect replant gel, SOS medicine, LED torch, sun screen and cap etc.

There are options which tent to go for or home stay! Campsite has 3 types of all-weather tent options. C types are on platforms above ground, D-types are on ground (little bigger), A-types are canvas tents but smaller (fit for 2 adults). Lake view tents are litter away from main campsite and smaller (fit for couples). While old type design tents are less airy; new types are better airy (ask in advance).

Toilets / bathing! Clean western toilets are available at camp side. Some of them are temporary and some permanent but all are walking distance away from tents. No facility for taking a bath but yes there is a river nearby and you can use it for same comfortably (swimming also possible).

Do I need to worry about rains! No; absolutely not (when inside tent) because all the tents are covered with temporary screen/shade cloth. We did not have any water seepage in the tent; neither from top or from ground. But; do carry umbrella along (else you can’t even go to the loo when it is raining).

What Food! Home cooked, relatively spicy Maharashtrian vegetarian preparation including Chapati, locally grown Rice, Bhaji/Sabji. Puranpoli and Kata Chi Amti on weekends is delight. There are no options available for food; you have to adjust with what you get. Our host was very kind and they served some mango pickle to us.

If you want to eat chicken; request your host in advance and pay about Rs 400 and Gavran Spicy Chicken Rassa can be served.

If you are diabetic; you can get black tea without sugar at camp site but you have to tell your village host in advance because when you reach there; your food is already ready.

Food for kids! Milk is available on request made earlier (no harm carrying a few small Amul Tetrapacks). If you carry Maggie along; it can be prepared on request for your fussy kids at campsite. Taking biscuits and formula food for small kids is recommended (though our little one nicely munched on warm chapatti).

Alcohol! Strictly forbidden.

Photography! Normal cameras/mobiles etc will not work with fireflies. You need a DSLR with a lens which has biggest possible aperture (lens suitable to low light night photography … without flash). Tripod is a must. Carry extra battery if you have because there is no charging option available but lots of potential to shoot.

Will mobile work! No… not at all. If lucky; some text will get transmitted.

Don’t miss the sun set from hill top as well as walk to the jungle and dam.

Pray to the god that it does not rain when you are there J