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What a craft beer festival it was at #BalkrishnaLawns #KoregaonPark !!!

I had been to #TappedMumbai this year as well but #TappedPune was much grander, bigger and full of enthusiasts from Pune. I think organizers underestimated #Pune response and they could have chosen bigger place for the event.

Weather was not sunny but cloudy which is not fit for beer drinking pleasure but seems no one cared about it. Entire place which was covered with huge #Pendol to prevent rains playing spoilsport.

It was pleasantly crowded and at one point of time (about 5 PM) organizers needed closed the entry for fresh entry due to over crowding. Almost everything soldout by late evening.
Major breweries from Pune were there with craft beers. BeewbotMumai and GatewayMumbai were also there.

All craft beers were priced at Rs 250 a glass/330 ml. Unfortunately #doolaly was not there for reasons unknown.
We saw two new faces in this tapped craft beet festival.

Great Estate Aleworks ( https://in.linkedin.com/company/greatstatealeworks )

2 brews ( #offduty #paleale and #brightside #witbeer )


Moonshine Meadery ( https://moonshinemeaderycom.wordpress.com/ )

2 flavoured meads ( #coffee and #chocolateorange ).

#CoffeeMead and #ChocolateOrangeMead

Established breweries present …

Independence brewing Co ( http://www.independencebrewco.com/ )



Effingut Brewing ( http://effingut.com/koregaon-park )



Flambos Breqing ( http://www.flambos.com/ )


Kimaya Brewing ( #KimayaBrewing )

#Cider added to Kimaya portfolio


Brewbot Mumbai ( http://brewbot.in/ )

#MangoSour tasted first time

Gateway Mumbai ( http://www.gatewaybrewery.com/ )


From food perspective there were stalls from , Bubsterr’s, Street Meat, TheCheeseTruck and many more providing craft beer perfect food pairing to the taste buds perspective.





Live music performances were gelling well with overall environment.

One of the big differences that I noticed between Mumbai and Pune tapped festivals was presence of foreign nationals. Pune fest was attended by much higher numbers of them when compared against that in Mumbai.

Though the response at Pune was very good but yet again I felt that Pune crowd is still not matured for Bitter, Stout, Porter point of view and the point was supported by what was available on tap from majority of breweries present. It was also supported by what I was over-hearing at the various counters (and I was bit curious and attentive for same to understand).

It was fantastic event and evening. Kudos to the breweries, restaurateurs and beer lovers.

It was fun meeting beer pals like John Eapn, Sapan Maniyar, Arjun Mundi, Angad Gadgil and many others. Making some new friends like Alok (brewery WIP), Rohan (Moonshine) and many more.


#Prost !!!