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Events related to food : Updated 01 Oct 16

Pavnathadi Jatra (Pimpri Chinchwad) 02 Feb 2015 –

Organized this week on Sanghvi Ground; was great time for people like me who love to have local delicacies of various regions as well as rustic food.

The highlights of this Jatra was food which is popular in rural areas of Maharashtra (various regions)


















Thalipith (between pan cake and Paratha) from Vedharba/Khandesh
Mande (similar to Puran Poli) from Khandesh
Dhapate (Marathwada/Vidharba)
Ghawan (Coastal belt)
Kombdi Vade (Coastal belt)
Rice Bhakhri (Coastal belt)
Jwari/Bajri Bhakhri (pan Maharashtra)
Khekda (Crab) curry
Surmai Tawa fry/Curry
Bangda Tawa fry/Curry
Chicken Sukka/fry/Curry
Mutton Sukka/Fry/Curry
Pav Bhaji (pan Maharashtra)
Vadis (pan Maharashtra)
Chiwda (pan Maharashtra)
Lonche/Pickles (Pan Maharashtra)
Fresh juices (without any addition made right in-front of you)

Relatively compromised hygene levels but when it comes to food… I don’t care!!!

Beauty of the event… it was prepared and sold by female members of small social cells called “Bachat Gatt” typically from the same region.


Bhimathadi Jatra (Pune) 27 Dec 15 –

Organized this week at Agricultural Collage Ground (adjacent cantonment area near Shivaji Nagar). Other than the display of culture , arts and craft there were lots of food stalls serving local delicacies of various regions of Maharashtra).

There was a focus on Kokan region with punch line “Suwarna Kokan- Samarthya Maharshtrache”.

Vegetarian and non vegetarian stuff including fish, chicken, mutton, crabs etc.

The region and delicacies covered were same as those during earlier Pavnathadi Jatra but bit more commercial. The stuff was expensive but I did not mind paying because it was for great cause!

Enjoyed the delicacies sitting on the ground in rustic way.


Oktoberfest Phoenix Market City, Pune, 30 Sep 01 Oct 

Fiesta of craft beers and mixed drinks along with lip smacking food served by a few outlets. Live band performances. Nice experience!


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