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Microbreweries of Pune …Updated 01 Oct 17

pune micro brewries

Pune is catching up with rest of the metros from Microbrewery point of view. With increasing number of techies having exposure of fresh brew/pub culture abroad, increasing number of foreign nationals (expats); Microbreweries are coming up in big way. Some of them are having one outlet at the brewery but some have outlets around town at key areas.

Many restaurants/places claim that they serve fresh brew… correct… but partially. They are getting the kegs from Pune or Mumbai and sell it on tap but they don’t have microbrewery.

Some microbreweries are work in progress. At some places, either license is awaited or the installation and commissioning is yet to happen.

As per my knowledge; following are functional / Proposed microbreweries in Pune as of today (updated 15 Sep 17)

  1. The 1st Brewhouse (Doolally) – The Corinthians, Muhammadwadi (Oliver)
  2. TJ’s Brew Works, Amanora Town Center (TJ Venkateshwaran)
  3. Kiva Brew Pub, Hinjewadi (Nilesh Phadnis) … closed due to financial issues
  4. Effingut Brewerkz, Koregaon Park (Manu Gulati)
  5. Independence Brewing Company, Mundwa Road (Shailendra Bist/Avanish Vellanki)
  6. Flambos Brewpub, Bund Garden Road (Akshay Kirpekar)  
  7. Irish Village,Koregaon Park (Rau More)
  8. Mezza9, Hinjewadi IT Park Phase 1 (Barnes) …closed when visited last time in May17
  9. Kimaya … they have the microbrewery but they sell the brew via TapRooms in the city (Saurabh and Sameer Parwardhan)
  10. Great Estate Ale Works … All set; Guys are brewing and awaiting license to sell (Rohan Hastak/Nakul Bhonsle)
  11. Moonshine Meadery … All set; Guys are brewing flavored mead but availability not clear (Rohan Rehani and partners)
  12. Playboy Beer Garden, Balewadi High Street, off Baner Road (Corporate)… All set; license awaited but already brewed in collaboration with independence brewing company 
  13. Yavasura, Somewhere on Satara Raod (Angad Gadgil and Partners)… heard the there equipment is ready and they are also awaiting license

Microbrewery TapRooms

  1. Kiva Ivy … Closed long back
  2. Effingut (tap room), Baner Road, launched Nov16  
  3. Irish Village (branch), Baner Road, Open now dtd 01Oct17
  4. Malaka Spice Baner Road and Koregaon Park (Kimaya, TJs, Effingut, Independence etc)
  5. The Urban Foundry Balewadi High Street (WhiteOwl Mumbai)
  6. Rasta Cafe, Baner Road (WhiteOwl Mumbai, Kimaya Pune)
  7. The PintRoom (Multiple)
  8. The Beer Cafe (Multiple)
  9. Curry on the roof Deccan (Kimaya)
  10. 1000 Oaks Camp (Kimaya)
  11. Playboy Beer Garden (WhiteOwl Mumbai, planning to pour Gateway Mumbai)
  12. Effingut (tap room) Kharadi at WTC … launched Aug17
  13. 45West Baner Pashan Link Road (Gateway Mumbai)

Majority microbreweries are located in eastern Pune indicating the “Pune divide”. (Divide is getting reduced as microbreweries are coming up with outlets at western Pune. Many other restaurants have also started selling brews from Gateway and White Owl Mumbai  )

Being failed home Brewer (due to circumstances and not technical know how or ability), beer enthusiast and lover but with very limited knowledge (just enough to brew at home) of brewing process (but decent exposure of brew around the world except Africa, Australia though); I am/have been there at all of them multiple times regularly and it is my humble attempt to cover all of them in detail… which I am doing gradually.

My take on Microbreweries of Pune…

Many of them have Expats as head brewer (with some local persons as assistants). One of the expats is common across a few of the microbreweries of #Pune and #Mumbai and if you are interested; ask the name to me.

Some of the Head Brewers are PIOs who have spent time in US or Europe (one of them said to be Certified American Beer Judge).

Many of the microbreweries are now operating with local head brewer (read young lads). Some old and well known home brewers of Pune are helping them for recipes.

What is being brewed…

Almost all microbreweries of Pune brew German Wheat (Weizen) as well as Apple #Cider (Cider) all the time … because the Pune crowed have taste for it (read experimenting but playing safe newbie craft beer lovers).

Almost all have brewed European Amber Lager (Oktoberfest) during September and October every year.

Many microbreweries have  brewed / are regulary brewing #Stout (American and Oatmeal), #Porter (Brown and Robust), #DarkWheat (#Dunkelweizen), #Witbier (Belgian), #Farmhouse or #Saison, #Pilsner (American and #Bohemian), #Kolsch, #RyeBeer, #PaleAle (American)  etc because both patrons and microbreweries are gradually catching up with each-other. Recently (01Jan16), one of them has brewed #DarkLager as well.

Some have experimented with Belgian ales (Belgian #Dubbel) but with low alcohol content (legal reasons likely!).

Takers for bitters are less in Pune hence seldom brewed by many but a few of the microbreweries have started brewing it frequently (updated 12 Dec 16).

Things have changed slightly…now, there are slightly more takers of #bitter s and #IPA s … and many of them have started brewing same now. (Updated 24 Aug 16)

Two of them brews exceptional India Pale Ale (American) during summers (updated 12 Dec 16).

I have seen some experimentation with Cider using Mango at two places during season. Raspberries have also been tried (Updated 12 Dec 16).

Some hybrid beers like #Kolsch #Blonde as well as beer with local stuff have also been brewed. Couple of them are experimenting with local grains and seeds like ragi, buckwheat, jowar (millet) etc.

Frankly; Pune crowd is novice when it comes to craft beer and depend on clues/guidance from the brewery staff.

You will find many writers on craft beer but only a few are genuine; many of them write copy-paste stuff or what they are told to write… Majority will fail in blind test… I bet!!! During an event sometime back; one of the food bloggers was having Cider and when I said Cider is not a beer; the reaction was worth watching.

Pune crft beer from quality perspective…

At times times I have seen them selling old stock (taste reviles it), many a times there is an issue about carbonation and head retention. At times the stuff is too young to be served (high on sweetness). Many a times beer can be flat (issue with carbonation device or yeast or blah-blah) or beer body is not good.

Initially; when ever I tried citing issue with the beer regarding taste or quality…

First few times I got a “Wow dose of Gyan (knowledge) on beer”… or faced a resistance for acceptance with an attempt to explain the “so called” technical details…

But later… under 5 minutes… going bit deeper in the subject (hmmm… OG, FG, ABV, SRM & Color, IBU, mouth feel, body, head and retention, gas used, temperature, yeast, hops, gas pressure at tap, age of produce, condition of glass during poring, keg issue …blah blah) … someone senior from the establishment usually appeared with hush-hush acceptance citing “various technical difficulties” or “consumption quantity Vs body of beer” or “we will look in to the matter” etc. After a few years, many visits as rapport developed; they started listening. One or two are still high headed but I give a damn to them … because then it comes to beer I never compromise with quality and taste.

All said and done… when it comes to craft beer in Pune; something is better than nothing.


The 1st Brewhouse – The Corinthians, Muhammadwadi… A few craft beers #craftbeer

TJ’s Brew Works, Amanora Town Center … A few craft beers #craftbeer

Devils Dark and Pale Gale Ale


Devils Dark, Premium Bock, Blonde, Pale Ale, Mystery Ale (green apple)


Premium #Bock


Zen #Weiss

Visit date 18 Apr 17

#CraftBeer #beergeek #beerporn 8 beauties on tap L2R #DrakHawk #Stout ,  #DevilsDark #HouseBrew, #PremiumBock German Lager,  #PaleGaleAle ,  #IrishAle (citrus) ,  #ZenWeiss wheat beer,  #Blonde  Ultra Mild ,  #MysteryAle Green Apple  Mint

Kiva Brew Pub, Hinjewadi … A few craft beers #craftbeer

Independence Brewing Company, Mundwa Road …A few craft beers #CraftBeer


Hoppy #Blonde #Ale dated 23 Sep 16


#MethodToMadness #IPA


#RaspberryPie nearly a #Sour

#DarkSaison 24June17

#CaliforniaSunshine 24June17

Flambos Brewpub, Bund Garden Road…A few craft beers #CraftBeer

Visit date Apr 17

#SneakPeek new #CraftBeer Menu #Flambos Microbrewery & Pub L2R #AppleCider #CiderBrown #DhaniyaWeizen #RobinHood ( #brownale ) #CervezaRubio (Mexican style beer) #MangoCider

Irish Village,Koregaon Park …A few craft beers #CraftBeer

Mezza9, Hinjewadi IT Park Phase 1 (Barne)… 4 brews on tap







Visit date 18 Mar 17

#CraftBeer @Mezza9 #Mezza9 #Pune #Hefeweizen #Pilsner #IPA #Cider Compared to earlier, the beers are bit clear now..appears tuning for local crowd! #BOGO all time👍
Find more at

Effingut Brewerkz, Koregaon Park

Mother brewery at Koregaon Park Lane 6 and taprooms at Baner and Kharadi, they are going big way.

#Porter #cider #germanwheat





#Effingut branch launched dated 20 Nov 16 at Baner with 8 brews on tap (picture above).

#PeachGinger #Ale
#Tamarind #Blonde
#EnglishBitter extra-special
#Märzen #Lagar

#Berliner sour beer



Effingut on taps dated 20 Jul 17 Grapefruit IPA, Best Bitter, ChocoCoffee Stout.

Oktoberfest beers dtd 18 Oct 17 #BestBitter #AmericanPaleAle #Kolsch #Marzen

Kimaya Brewing

#NanoBrewery Operating via various TapRooms around Pune with moto “use local brew local”

Launched in the past


#DeccanDraft unfiltered #Blonde


Launched #Buckwheat #Blonde dtd 22 Jun 17

Great State Ale Works

Brewing test brews but not selling I have tasted #Witbeer #CreamAle with Coconut and #Dubbal with tamarind. They will be surely operating via taprooms soon.

Find more at

#Craft #Beer
#FreshBrew #PuneCraftBeer  #PuneMicrobreweries #MicrobreweriesPune #Craft #Beer #Pune #Where #drink #beer #Pune


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