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Street Food of Pune

####I am trying to update it continuously

In Pune, it is possible to get street food of any state (except a few exceptions). The name of the stuff may be the same but the taste will be entirely different.

There are some small outlets as well as push carts which are very popular and one has to nearly queue up no matter what time of the day it is. Some of them are not very popular but on the way to become one in times to come. Here are some places which are very good in taste.

1. Vaijnath Tea, Opp Fire Station, Vallbh Nagar, PCMC (stall)
Full milk Indian style strong tea served in tea glass. Great taste.

2. Srinath Snacks, Opp Fire Station, Vallbh Nagar, PCMC (stall)
Serving hot pohe with sambhar. Excellent taste.

3. Nivisha Snacks, Near Balaji Temple, Sus Road (temporary table)
Serves Pohe, Upma, Sbudana etc. Poha is served with Sambhar. Nice taste.

4. Arun Vada Pav, Near Dange Chouk (push cart)…

dated 01 Dec 15 now he has a shop opposite to same place 🙂

Serves piping hot Vada Pav and the stuff taken out from the frying wok disappears in a minute. The freshness is the key.

5. Venkateshwara Idli Dosa (push cart)
Native of Hyderabad serves Excellent Idli, Vada, Dosa, Utappa etc. What is different… white chutney which is made up of ground nuts, red chutney which is firy and Sambhar which is not sweet. Excellent take away packing which one will not expect from a push cart.

6. Dangi Pattis (small shop)

Located near Vaital Baba Chowk (near Audi Showroom on Senapati Bapat road); this shop sells only bread-potato pattis, It is always crowded and if you are in time then only expect to get it.
Big bread folded in half and stuffed with boiled and mashed potatoes mixed with garam masala, coriander and ginger; dipped in gram flower batter and deep fried.
Served on piece of newspaper; Pattis is always piping hot and the stuff vanish from the tray in no time.

If you can’t understand Marathi language here is the translation of what is mentioned in the picture above.
Dangi Pattis
Time: Morning 8:30 to 10:30
Evening 4:00 to 06:00
Sunday Morning 8:00 to 10:30
Sunday evening closed
“Suggestion- Shop will be open till stock lasts”

7.0 Kashi Chat Bhandar (small shop)… closed or moved dated 01 Dec 15
It is a small shop located opposite to ICICI Bank ATM on Thergaon-Wakad Road selling Samosa, Khasta, Aloo Tikki (Banaras Style) with close to authentic Banarasi taste.
Usually operational by late noon towards evening (Tuesday closed).
Serves piping hot spicy Samosas (Rs 10) with fragrance and taste of authentic Banarsi Garam Masala (homemade).
Also serve rare to see in Pune… Khastas as well as stuffed Aloo chaps.
You can have them plain or ask for chat.
The stuff you ask as chat will be topped up with Spicy Matar (yellow Peas) in semi thick red gravy, sweet red chutney, green tomato-chili hot chutney, sour thick curd, chopped onions, roasted cumin powder and other spices/masalas.
Gulab Jamuns (Rs 15) are also available.
Good parcel facility (hygienic, in aluminum foil container).

8.0 Balaji Snacks, Narayan Peth (near Bedekar Missal)

Serves Pohe, Upma, Shira, Vada, Idli.

Good taste.


9.0 Jay Bholenath Tea House, Narayan Peth (near Bedekar Missal)

Served Kadak Tea in glass. Nice taste!


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