Only dinner experience usually on weekends.

Very few visit here with family and kids… we are those but not the only one; let me tell you the management appreciates (been told).

Parking on chargeable basis; at time pain at bad place; shell out more and go for valet if you want to.

Pay at the entry, get the coupons and you are done. Our lil one loves to have the guitar marker on the hand.

Old school place to me… the name says it all. Majority wooden furniture with bar in the middle, pictures and stuff like guitars, jackets and consumes of “who is who” in Rock. It feels great when kiddo asks about the details or a picture or stuff on the wall (walk down the memory lane of college days… been there done that). You will encounter likeminded people.

Great ambiance, a few staff members on rollers (waling up-down the staircase, loud music old and contemporary rock numbers, great food quality but I reserve my comment on the taste.

Usually opt for tables towards wall side (bit more family friendly).

Beers, cock-mock-tails, platter with onion rings and jacket potatoes along with dips like sore-cream and few different sauces, burgers, selection of continental food, a few Indian combos and cool desserts.

Clean toilets.

Smokers can opt for the open are towards rear side with dedicated canopies.

Merchandise shop for those who are interested (some nice T’s).

My lil one eagerly waits for “the YMCA”… she will rush to the partition wall, climb, stand along with other staff members and try to match the steps… fun stuff (even the bouncers don’t mind 🙂

Plus… ambiance, food
Minus… loud (has to be)
Finally… Lovely place to spend rocking evening